Victorian Jet Aerospace AssociationThe Victorian Jet Aerosport Association Inc. (VJAA) was formed in the year 2000 by a group of dedicated Jet Model enthusiasts. Their intention was to organise regular club meetings normally at full scale airfields for the express purpose of flying Nitro powered ducted fan aircraft along with the emerging Gas Turbine powered aircraft. From these humble beginnings the VJAA now offers access to a Full Scale airfield nearly every 60 days for either single day meetings or 2 day meetings at no charge for club members whether a full member or an associated member. Non-members are always welcome with a small fee payable on the day for each meeting. The VJAA also hosts the premier jet event ‘Wangaratta Jets’ held each year in April. This is a 3 day meeting with outstanding facilities at one of the best tarmac flying sites available. A fee is payable by members and non-members. Within the VJAA we have a plethora of knowledge with all aspects of Gas Turbine powered aircraft including MAAA Heavy Model and Giant Scale inspectors with Gas Turbine Endorsement who make themselves available for any level of discussion and or inspection at no charge.  Please send us an email and request to be put on the mailing list in order to be kept up to date with venues and times.

Mission Statement

The Victorian Jet Aerosport Association Inc. is a truly dedicated club who’s membership is based around those that fly Gas Turbine Powered Aircraft and some High Power Ducted Fan Aircraft. Our mission is to foster and promote the safe design, construction, handling and flying of Gas Turbine Powered Aircraft among all participants throughout Australia.

VJAA Committee

  • President – Russel Eastaway
  • Vice President – Ken Mollison
  • Treasurer – David Lowder
  • Secretary & Registrar – Karen Lock